Mushroom House

Hello again! I love mushrooms! I have this idea of making a nushroom house for kids to play!

Another project made with Tinkercad

Step 1: Mushroom House

For the house i used a paraboloid. Then, with another paraboloid i made the window. For the cap of the mushroom (top of the house) i used half of a sphere with little spheres.

The Mushroom house must be printed upside down in your 3d printer. I used Cura to put the house in that position.


stl files:

Step 2: Mushroom Doll

To make the mushroom doll i used initially a paraboloid to make the body, a sphere to the face and for the hat i used half of a sphere. Again you should print upside down. I use 3 colors in the doll.

I did not apply eyes on the doll but if you want you can do it.


stl files:

Step 3: Dinner Time


To make the table top i used a Circular trapezoid by adrian blascarr and for the feet i used two paraboloides.


I made the seats the same way i did the table but only with a parabolide.


For the plates i used part of a cylinder and a sphere.


stl files:



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