Music Accessories

Introduction: Music Accessories

There are a plethora of uses for for 3d printing like what is done at  

So I work at locally owned music store in San Jose.  Everything from mouthpieces and reeds to trombones and some saxophones have already been made from plastic in a similar fashion.  I'm hoping to sell better quality, Locally Made, musicking gear to make a living and bring the cost down on sounding great in band.

-Brian Callahan

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Step 1: The Tech Shop

The Tech Shop has 3d Printing in plastic, molds, and a 3d Scanner.  Really I'd love to scan a vintage Conn Alto Saxophone from the 1920's.  There's also a mill and welder.

Step 2: Made a Mouthpiece With Ease

With help, I've 3D printed an Alto Sax Mouthpiece!

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