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Introduction: Music Folder for Guitar Case

Hello everyone in the music world! I just got a new hard case so my '70's reissue jazz bass doesn't  break, and it has cool compartments for my polish, cable, and allen keys! Unfortunately, there is no space for my multiple books and sheets of music. So, in good hacking spirit, I made one! If you'd like to see how I did it, or just want to view my very first instructable, view it up!

Step 1: Materials:

Duck Tape
Writing Utensils

Step 2: Get an Idea of What You Want in Your Folder.

My books are larger than 8.5"x11", so i just piled them up and traced them onto my cardboard. Whatever you're using as a guide, leave about .5" border around it. Once traced, cut out your rectangle.

Step 3: Tape Cutout to Case.

Trace the cutout onto your case. Put tape on three of the out sides, leaving the fourth for the opening. Fold the tape so 1/3 of the tape is on the case, 1/3 is stuck to the cardboard, and 1/3 is open.

Step 4: Add Stability

Tape the corners. Add face down tape on the three, already taped edges. pull the folder open enough so that you could put your books in. The side edges will lift. Let them pull in as much as they can when you open the folder, then stick them down with a bit of tape cut in half.

Step 5: You Can Leave It at This, OR...

You can make a lid! Cut a rectangle of cardboard the size of your opening,and tape it on both sides. then, make a trapezoid of cardboard the width of your opening, and 4inches tall. tape it to the little flap on both sides. Next, make a double-nonstick piece for your pull tab, and cut it to whatever size you want. Make a slide loop lined up with the tab on the folder, just wide enough to pull the tab through. once you've got that working, finish it off! cover it with more gray, or make designs with different colors. Go NUTS! Have fun with it, and I hope this has helped all the people with lack-of-folder cases like mine.

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