Music Light

the light is changing by the frequency of the music or normal voice .
so i used the sound sensor to can convert the sound to value it can read in Arduino.
the ouput it can changing like you want for me i just used some leds so you can make a ( fountain and the water changing by the frequency and advice from me put some leds and light to make it pretty )

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Step 1: The Components

I used a Arduino NANO, the sound sensor, some of leds, resistors and wires

Step 2: Block Digram

the input be the physical signal ( the sound ) and the output light or movement like Robert dancing :)

Step 3: Programming

i use Arduino program.
and i use a library to can calculate the input signal the library call (FFT)

Step 4: The Last Step

as shown in photo and video the lights is changing coz the music have different frequency.

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