Music Pillow

If you have ever wanted to listen to music and be comfortable at the same time this instructable is for you.

Step 1: Materials

-neck pillow(With beans or beads)
-sewing set

Step 2:

Carefully cut a hole in the pillow case that's big enough for the headphones to fit through. Next empty all of the beans from inside the bag into a big pile. Once most of the beans are out of the case take the headphones and thread them through the empty bag. (Make sure that the half of the headphones with the chord stays out of the pillowcase). Now take a needle or scissors and cut a small hole for the chord to go through. Then start filling in the bag with the beans until the bag's almost full. (Make sure that you have a broom because it can get really messy). Next use the sewing kit to stitch the first hole back together.(you can use a patch to hold it stronger if you want).
When the first hole is intact stitch the small hole together or put a piece of tape on to hold it.
This pillow is perfect for car rides or just relaxing. I hope you enjoy!



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