Music Symbol Animation


Introduction: Music Symbol Animation

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I'll be showing all you instructable people how to create something simple and fun, while using just plain old symbols to move around.

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Step 1: The Process of Creating

The process of creating this animation was quite simple. I tried to have a pair of ordinary headphones and some music symbols moving all around my head, to get people to think that the music was actually coming out of the headphones!

Step 2: Materials That Were Used

Step 3: Ideas and Sketches Before the Actual Idea

Step 4: The Set Up

For the planning of the idea, I had tons of amazing ideas! But, I could only choose one of them, so I chose the headphone animation. First of all, I needed a white board, then a pair of headphones, then a printed sheet of music symbols that are cut out neatly. Then got some erasable markers to begin the process of making this exquisite animation!

Step 5: Final Touches

I planned out where everything has to go and everything seemed alright. I thought it was an amazing creation. I put everything in place and BOOM!!!, everything was ready to roll!!

Step 6: Making of the Symbol Animation

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