Music Teacher Prank





Introduction: Music Teacher Prank

All you music teachers out there, everyone thinks you guys are boring and serious. Here is a great prank to pull on your students. You must use your inner boringness against others. Mwa, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.

Step 1:

First, print out one of the sheets of music below. Here are the names: Fairies Aire and Death Waltz and prelude and the last hope in c and c# minor. Hee,hee,hee

Step 2:

To your students you must say,"Sorry kids, I'm getting laid off, we need to learn this piece in the next week" 

Step 3:

Hand out music

Step 4:

Watch them freak out



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    4 Discussions

    heh heh heh if anyone uses this prank on me ill know that its fake I play violin this is never gonna happen cuz now I already know haha he he he

    Even without the potentially upsetting threat of the teacher being laid off, I think those sheets could be fun with other similar "set ups".

    "You've been making incredible progress. I think you are ready for this..."

    "This is the piece that EVERY young piano student needs to learn before moving to book 2."

    "You've been showing an interest in more fun music. In its day, this piece was a real toe tapper."

    "This piece was originally composed for the kazoo."

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    Haha this is a cute idea