Music Using Garage Band




Intro: Music Using Garage Band

Before this Intractable Starts I just want to tell you that it is extremely easy to make music using Garage Band, Garage Band is only available on Apple products (Soo sad).

In this Instructable i shall teach/show you how to make music using loops on Garage band


Step 1: Starting Up

First Open Garage Band (Duh), then select loops

Loops is the simplest version of Garage Band where you Drag-n-Drop sound into the main screen

Step 2: Adding Music

Ok, this is when you actually start with the music

Select the Category of sound/Loop you want then select a sound (You should preview the sound firs by Clicking the Sound), Once you've made your mind up on which sound you want drag it to the place that says "Drag Apple Loops Here."

Remember to leave a tiny amount of place after loop so that they don't mix together and sound weird

Step 3: A Little While Later

Once you've added all the loops you want, it should look a little like this, now your almost Done (Yay!!!)

Step 4: Finishing Up

remember to save the work you've done, While saving you can choose the export to CD option where you can make it an .m4a (They don't support any other format except .garageband or something like that)

This is what My mini-tune sounds like

Thanks for Reading (And hearing the music I made) please do vote for me!!!



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