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Introduction: Music Blinking LED

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This is an easy step by step guide to make cheap sound reacting LEDs that is blinking to the bass of the music you play. The music blinker is powered by an 9v battery which makes it portable and small.

Step 1: Parts and Tools


  • TIP 31 C
  • PCB
  • Male AUX cable
  • 3x LEDs
  • 9v battery
  • 9v battery clip
  • Jumper wires


  • Breadboard
  • Soldering iron
  • Soldering tind
  • Flush cutter

Step 2: The Circuit

Follow the circuit when you are making it.

Step 3: Testing on Breadboard

Before you make the project on an PCB you should test it on a breadboard first, so you don do any mistakes that you can't fix.

Step 4: Prepare the Parts

  1. Cut the PCB in 8x9 pin holes.
  2. Cut an male AUX cable in the length you want to use and burn off the protection around the 3 wires.
  3. Bedd the pins on your LEDs and TIP31C.
  4. cut the 2 wires from your 9v battery clip in the length you want it to be in.

Step 5: Soldering

Place all the parts on your PCB and start soldering :)

Step 6: Glue

After some time of usage the connections to the battery and AUX cable is going to fall off so glue some hot glue over the wires to make them hold on the PCB.

Step 7: FINISH

The last step is just to plug in the AUX and play some good music. To add speakers to your project just use an AUX splitter.


IIf you liked this project than go check out my channel for more projects like this one :) If you have any questions or tips to make this better than post them in the comments :)

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    5 years ago

    I've made this EXACT circuit, and it does not work with my phone, probably due to too low output voltage in the signal for a TIP31C...this means that it probably does not work with some other phones/music players...just FYI...I solved it by using an op-amp with a small off-set to switch the transistor on/off