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For those situations that just need the extra lightening up, or a portable rick roll machine, what ever audio you have on your ipod will shuffle will come to your rescue when you have the musical grenade on your side. you can use this the fend off an enemy in an intense airsoft battle as a decoy grenade... what ever sound you download to your Ipod is not a projectile. I hope to see other peoples inventions of these sort because there are tons of things you can do with this with an Arduino board.

(A video of this in action will be available in a week or so)

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Step 1: Materials

1.Speakers with Ipod aux connection.
2. Large beer can, or Arizona ice tea can (just go for something bigger then a standard coke can.
3. and an iPod, preferably a shuffle... something you can throw around a little bit more. 
1. Spray paint and Sharpie 
2. Dremel, grinding bit, and cutting bit
3. Soldering iron and solder.
4. A vice is useful.
5. Hot glue gun and Pliers 
6. Proper safety equipment 

Step 2: Releasing the Pressure

We want the end result to look like an un opened soda can for a grenade pulling pin effect, so we are not going to touch the tab on the top, if you are a good shot with a airsoft gun go ahead, stand back and shoot towards the very bottom of the can. Most of the contents should come out. If you do not have and airsoft gun handy, the messier way of doing this is with a screw driver, make sure you are out side because contents will spill everywhere. Go ahead and give the can a hard stab, be careful. Now when you cut into the can with your dremel, you wont have as big of a mess.

Step 3: Cutting Speaker Socket

For this step i began by putting the can in a vice with a loose grip so it doesnt crush the can. Then i drew around one of the small speakers i had taken out of the speaker system. I cut two hexagonal shapes per side of the can. Change the bit to your grinding bit and dry fit the speakers so that they fit nice and snug. As for the last picture, i needed a place that i could fit the controls on the circuit board, and placed it at the top of the can. 

Step 4: First Layer of Paint

I decided to fit in my first layer of paint in between the wiring stage and the final stage, Its pretty self explanatory, find a place you can spray paint and go ahead. It doesn't really matter if the paint gets inside.

Step 5: Fitting the Electronics

You will need to put in the speakers last, so don't worry about those. My speaker set conveniently had a removable wire clip, but i ended up breaking the solder bonds anyway. First figure out how you are going to get your power source. (my portable speakers used 6 AA batteries so i just substituted them for a 9 volt battery. Solder your power source to your circuit board and fit them in nice and tight. Stupidly i glued the circuit board before soldering the power source in.

Step 6: Putting in the Speakers

(Instructions for one side of two speakers, for other side do the same) This part was especially tricky, given the tight space constraint. the speakers are connected in series so it makes sense that they would both slide in easily.  WRONG the speakers have to be put in separately and soldered together while they are held there. The first thing you want to do is connect the positive wire to the positive terminal of the first speaker, the connect the negative wire to the negative terminal of the second speaker, go ahead and loosely fit them in, not while they are in solder a wire from the positive end of the second speaker to the negative end of the first one. Make sure to insulate the can in what ever places seem like they could cause a short circuit with electrical tape. Also the aux audio cable connected to the mother board can be threaded through the pressure release hole on the first step or you could go ahead and use your arduino and make what every adjustments you want to make for the audio. After you are done go ahead and attach all of the speakers neatly with hot glue. I really want to see what people do with this because what i did was just a simple plug and play but imagine what you would be able to do with a programmable board inside this piece of hardware. 

Step 7: Paint Second Layer

I completely forgot to take pictures of this step but go ahead and cover the essential parts of the grenade in tape such as the speakers, on/off switch, aux cable, and indicator LED with painting tape and give it a nice finish of fresh spray paint, when in dries paint on the grenade graphics!

Step 8: Use

With an Ipod shuffle attached to the bottom you can go ahead and set the song or audio file before throwing it. Hopefully if this ible gets a good response I will be able to put in stamp and show you some cool stuff you will be able to do with it.  Go ahead and pull the tab for an extra affect when you throw it.

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    well this is neat I think I will do something similar...


    Not yet havent had time, and its not allowed where i live... I recently moved... any way in the next week im going to visit my home town pittsburgh and i will shoot an action film of how it would work with some of my friends... any way thanks so much for the input!

    If you wanted ventilation, the lip on the Coors light beer can is actually wide mouthed to provide extra ventilation :)

    Well the speakers need ventilation otherwise the coating on the wires could melt out.

    good point there, im not to worried though it isnt a device that i will be using for a long period of time if you know what i mean. if i wanted to listen to music i could have just kept the original packaging of the speakers, now that i think of it there really was no ventilation for the speakers the think was so cheap... anyway its people like you that help me out thanks so much dont forget to rate comment and subscribe. thank you

    ah of course, no worry's, i do like the whole idea its pretty cool. I may even use it to make my own cool beer an speakers.