Musical Halloween With Makey Makey

Halloween is coming! What can we do at the Music School? Oh, I know! We will make music with PUMKINS!

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Step 1: We Will Need...

Cardboard, Felt, Copper Tape, 8 Pumpkins and Makey Makey!

Step 2: Let's Get Started!

We think how we distribute the pumpkins and do eight holes in the felt.

Put the felt on the cardboard and mark through the holes.

We make a path with a copper tape from one side of the cardboard to the marked points.

Step 3: Hiding...

We want to create a bit of mystery so we hide the circuits by putting the felt on the cardboard.

Step 4: Connecting...

We just have to connect the Makey Makey cables to our cirtcuit ...

Step 5: Have Fun!

Put the pumpkins on the holes of the felt ... and thanks to the magic ring that we put on the finger (connected to the Makey Makey Ground) ... make music with pumpkins !!!

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