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First off all thank you for your time with my instructable and im happy u where interested in it !

In this project we will take a simple mouse and pimp it out to be a mouse that really is annoying for the user in the worst way ... but we will get there pretty soon.. to make things easy and funnier iv put up a video in case the instructable isn't complete enough for your taste you can also view the video !

Thanks !
Happy Mouse Hacking & Enjoy !

Step 1: Take the Mouse a Part

Ok, so you have your mouse let's get 2 biz...

Take the mouse a part remove all the screws in my case the mouse only had one screw under it near the back, some models hide the screw with a small sticker in that case remove all the stickers or look for hidden possible screw holes and open it up .

Watch the images for a better understanding of the process.

Step 2: Musical Key Chain

Now were gonna need a small but loud musical key chain witch can be found pretty much anywhere and as cheap as $1 if not less.

Now this particular one im using has a push button and 2 red LED's and a cute little "i love you" sound when pressed witch makes it perfect for our project/prank !

First we need to open it up gently not to brake the valuble gadgets inside , see more in the images below.

Step 3: Take the Key Chain Apart !

Like shown

Gently cut the toy open,
Make sure not to cut or harm any parts inside or cut the little wired that power the LED's,
Inside you will find a little Box with a button + wire + leds

Open The Box using a knife or small screw driver, exposing the circuit board .
We only need the stuff inside the little white box we may throw the case away !

Step 4: Make Room for New Parts


In my case i had to make some room for my new parts and had to remove the scroll-wheel , this may not be a general issue but my mouse is really small designed for notebooks...

BTW, i unplugged the mouse's cable for better access to the mouse's circuit board..

Step 5: Add-On the Mouse


It's time to apply our new parts to the mouse.

Take the key-chains circuit board and place it right over the mouse's left click because it's used more often than the right click but u may use whatever u feel would be funny`er !

Make sure the push button is right where the mouse's click touches down.

I decided to use specific glue for plastic and electric parts, but pretty much any good strong glue will do just fine.

For a really awesome effect iv noticed that the toy's LED's increase intensity as the "I LOVE YOU" sound is played so i glued them where the mouse's normal laser is to give it a freaky effect when it's activated like the mouse would be talking to you :) !

Step 6: Testing & Puting It It All Back Together !


Test it to make sure everything works and then put everything back togheter (I hope u didn't lose that screw we removed at the beginning) ...

Remember :
- Mouse Case
- Cable
- Screw

Make sure that everything is set up really nice and neat not to raise any doubt about the mouse's well being just by looking at it !

~you might have a few issues fitting everything right it took me a lil to master the order but eventually i got it right~

Step 7: DONE !

After all that work you have a mouse that almost works , with an extra feature !

Watch the video for the final effect !

Im really happy if you came this far and read and enjoyed making or reading this as much as i did !

Thank you for your time , a rating would be really appreciated !

Happy pranking since the 1st of April's coming up !



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    5 years ago

    I don't like you showing a picture of you cutting off a dog's head.


    9 years ago on Introduction



    10 years ago on Introduction

    lol i love this prank! my cousin is going to freak when she checks her e-mail!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Do not use this on a friends mouse unless you plan to buy them a new one. I suggest finding an old unused mouse doing the trick to it (which can be done much better and if I get around to it I will do a redo). If they already have a mouse simply hide theirs and say they can borrow one of theirs, have your laugh and give them back their mouse because this pretty much kills the mouse.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    hehe...nice. i have a mouse that i got for 50c at a garage sale. the only thing is, it doesn't have a laser and it doesn't have a scrollwheel. but it's transparent, so i could use the leds to make it light up. but does it need a scrollwheel?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Also, if they're running linux, type this: "cat /dev/mouse >> /dev/dsp" Or this: "cat /dev/urandom >> /dev/mouse"

    Gunk on Floor

    11 years ago on Introduction

    ROFL! I loved the reaction you made with your hand like you were annoyed, it was really amusing! Great job!

    1 reply