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Introduction: Musical Purple Colored Night Lamp

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Hi everyone. Today i will show you how to make cheap attractive musical purple night lamp[mini audio system+music activated light+purple night lamp]

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Step 1: Things You Will Need to Make This Night Lamp

Lets start making this musical night lamp. things you requried to make it are:-

1.a cardboard box of medium size
2.plain pcb(4)(with each holes seprated) speaker(4 ohms)(3watts)(this are not critical measures of speaker it can be little more or little less than this values) switch with three modes and three pinouts(one can easily get from handmixture or regular two way switch will also work)
5.LM386 IC
6.8 leg ic holder(if you want)
7.3300uF electrolytic capacitor but is voltage should be 10V only.
8.IN4007 diode
9.two to three high bright 5 watt leds
10.some connecting wires three voltage led(any colour)(it must be of 3v only)
12.power supply of 12v 1A (this arrangments of all this parts and this night lamp circuit will only works on exact 12v 1A of power supply)(one can get this adaptar from setup box power supply adaptar or it is also available from decorative led adaptar)
13.aux wire for audio signal in.

14. Purple colored tape

Step 2: The Circuit.

Make all the arrangement according to the above pictures of this musical night lamp circuit.

only changes from the images of circuit is to replace 100nF capacitor with 3300nF capacitor of 10V it work best for this circuit.

Step 3: Finishing It.

Now when all the circuit is ready which is shown in before steps then place all the circuitary parts and ic in the box.

place the two pcb on the top of the box with placing 5 watts of leds in it (2 to 3 leds.each 5watt) by making the triangle shape by pcb on the roof(YOU CAN USE SOME OTHER ITEMS LIKE PHOTOS, CARDBOARD SHEETS WITH HOLES IN IT ETC).

place the arrangment of speakeron side walls of box and 3v led light on speaker to make the spraker attractive.

if you want to keep potentiometer of brightness adjustement then you can around 50k to 100k volume knob type potentiometer in series connection between any two 5watt led.

now make all the connection according to the before steps shown in picture and fit all inside the box.

At last after fitting all connections in box apply all around purple colored tape on the box to make it look attractive.

Step 4: Testing It.

now after making all the connection according to the diagram in step two shown in picture connect the power source and your musical Purple Night Lamp is ready for use.



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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago

    How much it cost total???


    Reply 4 years ago

    Total cost of my project:-
    5Rs if ic
    2Rs of ic holder
    45Rs of high bright led
    wires and speaker from old radios and electronic items.
    box from clock's casing
    30Rs of pcbs
    Total=82Rs so.....average keep100Rs.


    4 years ago

    Interesting idea! But I would perhaps, use a white plastic bottle instead of cardboard. Would it melt?

    Perhaps, this could help... For me, electronics is just a hobby, and i find hard to read those schemas.

    Thank you!


    Reply 4 years ago

    give your email address i would give you the proper one circuit diagram and its arramgement.(my email address is


    Reply 4 years ago

    and you are talking about plastic will work but do not use transpatent one for its body casing otherwise inner circuit wires would make it ugly apperance and use thick one so jerks or sock it can sustain because it woul be lying on table and by mistake it would broke if it falls from there.