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It was probably the 21st century’s preeminent sage Bill Murray that summed up the problem most succinctly: “How to tie the strongest knot ever: 1) Put some headphones in your pocket 2) Wait one minute”.

We don't really know why this happens, but here is a solution! (Actually there are some studies:

I found a solution to this problem, being inspire by the thing I like the most: MUSIC! and it's pocket size.

I created 4 very easy steps to create this unique design, I hope you like it and if you have any question please comment below!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this project you will need:

- A 3D Design Software: SolidWorks, Alias, Inventor, Fusion360, etc. In this case I used Rhinoceros 3D.

- 3D Printer with PLA filament (but you can use a different one)

- Caliper

- Ear buds

Step 2: Design Measurements

This step will depend on the form of your Earbuds. I designed mine using the Apple Earbuds (with the new and old plug).

You need to measure:

1 Height, Width & Depth of the controller

2 Cable Thickness

3 Height, Width & Depth of the housing at the end of the speaker. (This is the part that it's going to match with our design)

Step 3: CAD Design

I use Rhinoceros 3D but you can use whatever software you feel comfortable with. If you are a beginner I would recommend Rhinoceros or Autodesk Fusion360. (Fusion its free for non commercial usage).

All CAD software operates in a very similar way. First you need to create section curves considering the measurements you took from your earbuds. I used the tools "Ellipse", "Polyline" and "Control Point Curves" to make the Shapes 1, 2 and 3, and for the Lines of reference I used the tool "Polyline".

Once you designed the shapes that are fitting to your earbuds and the lines of reference, use the tool "Sweep One Rail". With this tool you first need to select one line of reference (Lines A, B or C) and then the cross section curves (Shapes 1, 2 or 3), press enter and the program will extrude your shape along the reference line.

Note: As you can see in the picture, every shape is corresponding to some part of the earbud. The shape number 1 is fitting the housing of the earbud, the shape 2 is for the cable, and the shape 3 is corresponding the controller.

Once you have all your form developed, you need to create a "Boolean Union" between them. You should end up with a closed Polysurface. (Picture 3)

Now we are going to create a hole on the side of our design, for the cable: First you need to sketch the shape you want to extract. Then extrude it (as a solid), and finally you need to use the tool "Boolean Difference" to create the hole.

Finally, create a cylinder, rotate it to match the same angle of the main design, and use the tool "Boolean Union" to unify all the objects.

Now we are ready to 3D print our design!

Step 4: 3D Print

I have a Ultimaker 2+ but you can use any 3D printer you have to create this product. If you don't have a 3D printer, search for a maker space in your area or you can use online services who offer 3D printing with a wide variety of materials. (Shapeways, Sculpteo, 3D Hubs, etc)

I'm uploading the .stl file of my version if you want to compare it with yours, you can also 3D print it or modify it.

I hope you liked the project and please comment your thoughts or improvements.



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