Musical Violin Cat/Wolf Ears!

Introduction: Musical Violin Cat/Wolf Ears!

This how to make Cat/Wolf ears for concerts, parties and so much more!

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Step 1: Materials

- Foam (bed foam is fine)
- Headband
- Paint color(s) of your choice
- Hot glue gun
- Scissors
- Hairdryer (Optional)

Step 2: Ears

- Draw the style of your ears (short, long)
- Cut the shape out and trim the sides if necessary
- Figure out your color choice and markings
- Paint! You need about 3 layers; you need to let it dry for at least a day. Or just use a hairdryer
- Make sure the bottom of your ears is flat!

Step 3: Headband Prep

- Find a headband that is plastic (no material)
- Paint it a basic color of your choice (better if just one)
- Let that dry or use a hair dryer (Not Hot)

Step 4: Ear Prep

- Now that the paint is dry, fix up any blank spots. Make sure you have a variety of headbands so the ears fit

Step 5: Prep and Work

- Plug in your glue gun
- Once the glue is hot, glue the bottom of the ears. If you want you can slightly curve them for a more realistic effect.
- Make sure your headband is the right way and be careful not to burn yourself!
*Parent Guidance if needed
- Wait for it to dry (It will take at least 30 minutes)

Step 6: Extra!

- You can add sparkles, feathers anything really!
- Now you have your own pair of ears for a party or just for fun!

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