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Introduction: Musican Cd Rack

About: Hi, my name is John. My hobby is to solve problems from other people and creating nice and functional stuff out of trash. I'm living in Germany so excuse my not so fluent English (some technical terms are ha...

A friend of mine got married today. To present him something personal we (my brother and I) created a CD rack out of a pair of drumsticks and the head of a violin. As basis we've used a raw guitar neck.

Step 1: The Base

At first, we've created the base, therefore a blank of a guitar neck was used. The V-shape was hard to produce but I have enough clamps to fix everything in place.

Step 2: The Notches Part One

The next step was to mill in the notches into the drum sticks. Therefore, we taped and screwed the sticks together. Due to the lack of a mill, we've used my table saw.

Step 3: The Notches Part Two

The notches for the violin neck were much harder to create, due to the fact, that the piece was curved. We have bungled a bridge. To fix everything as good as possible we used several zip-ties.

Step 4: Assembly

We screwed everything... together. As on top we've used a old vinyl.

I hope that this rack not only represent the hobbies of the bridal pair moreover I hope that the two like it

Step 5:



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