Mustard Prank

Introduction: Mustard Prank

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Thanks to for their "9 Surprising Uses for Mustard" topic.  It reminded me of this little prop I made as a kid after seeing one in a store.  This is very cheap to make and is great to use on adults or kids.  It isn't a malicious prank, just a fun one everyone will enjoy on April 1st, at a picnic or bbq, in the kitchen, or wherever else you can think of.  

It's pretty much GUARANTEED that whoever you use this on WILL JUMP BACK trying to escape the stream of mustard!!!

What you will need:
  1. Clean empty mustard bottle
  2. Butcher String
  3. Yellow pen or highlighter
  4. Scissors

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Step 1: Making the Prop

  1. Cut of a length of string (mine's about 18 inches) and color it yellow with a highlighter or yellow pen.
  2. If needed, make sure the hole in the cap goes straight down into the bottle.  My bottle had an angled piece of plastic at the bottom of the hole that I needed to remove.  I used a metal skewer, but a drill or pair of pliers could do the trick.
  3. Thread the string through the cap then tie a couple knots in both ends so the ends can't go through the hole.  Trim any excess string at the end of the knot that remains outside of the bottle.
  4. Pull the sting until the top knot is against the top of the cap and feed the rest of the string into the bottle.
  5. Replace the cap and get ready to watch someone jump!

Step 2: Time to Find a Victim!

Usually, you will do a little acting, shake the mustard, and then squirt it, but my daughter knew I was making this.  It still surprised her though!

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Another variation: When I was a kid, we did this prank with dish soap bottles. Your mustard idea is great, because it's a bit harder these days to find opaque dish bottles any more. But dish soap you don't have to color the string.


    5 years ago

    better invest in a lot of detergent!