Mutant Baby # 00: Sleeping House

Introduction: Mutant Baby # 00: Sleeping House

About: I am a recent master’s graduate architect and looking for a position to gain some valuable experience in academia. My work is focused on aesthetic, innovative methods, and phenomenology with emphases on tech...

Series Of Massive attack project "Extravaganza"

An experimentation of the horrific aesthetic.

The project is an experimentation of using the horrific aesthetic in excessive way in the architectural building. And its the zero version of series called "Mutant Baby", which is a thesis of massive attack project "Extravaganza". The thesis will focused and investigated, essentially, how that New Horrific Aesthetic will change the Paradigm of Metropolitan Behaviour. By using the Advanced Computer Technology to explore the limits of architecture, and the create a scenarios of where architecture can go if driven by these ideas.
To investigate architecture beyond forms which aims to present an updated view of Computation and Digital research in architecture, because design was no longer concerned with presentation but rather with Calculation and Computation which would profoundly affect architecture production methods.
I try to develop innovative and unusual solutions to problematic of location, connection, dislocation, and disconnection, re-working the tension between the building as a Hyper Generic Spaces and as a specific environment.

The model is not that of transparency and structure but rather one of cuts, inserts, nip and tuck, like a horror films, the hand of a plastic surgeon that manipulates matter. The Horrific transmutations of bodies and faces becomes the material organizations and design expertise. These mutations have the capacity to create Bi-Products, Emerging Aesthetics and Paradigms.

Architecture has been operating of classical paradigms of Beauty & Production, within the last 20 years new techniques and technologies crated a new frame of aesthetic conditions that has not been critically re-configured, the thesis will attempt to produce a series of definitions regarding this issues.

The model is 3d computerized-made by 3ds Max + Grasshopper. Its hand-made model.



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    5 Discussions

    Haha does kinda look like a. Wooden mustache :) but seriously that's super cool. I really like the shape. Keep up the good work zaid :)

    I thought it was a wooden mustache! Very creative design. I'll bet keeping that building clean would be a beast though.

    1 reply

    Dear Mam,
    Thanks alot for your kind interest and generous support; its mean alot to me.
    Regarding what you mention: when I see the project now; I think the same; it is really wooden mustache :) how I not think about that before :)
    And I agree with you that these kinds of buildings can not be clean at all :)
    Thanks for your nice comment, and generous compliment. Wishing to you all the best and my great pleasure to hear your news always.

    Kind regards,

    I don't understand this, but I couldn't "not look". So I guess that is the point? I like the twisting wooden structure. Makes me think of insect larve making a nest to transform into something......not of this world. cool!

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    Dear Sir,
    Thanks alot for your kind interest. I highly appreciate it.

    You are right; your explanation gives the whole indication to the work.

    I agree with you that its not to this world :)

    Thanks again, wishing to you all the best, and my great pleasure to hear your news always.

    Kind regards,