Mw2 Clasign Choosing

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When choosing your clasign you want it to be funky,cool,with a meaning or shows what you do in the game ill show you some cool clasigns
that you can use

Step 1: Being a Sniper

For a sniper i would use Low Profile sure shot or gillie in the mist for the emblem a tactical insertion or a sniper scope

Step 2: Funky Title

Some funky titles and the emblems later

Step 3: Heavy Support

An AC130 a Tank or the Title armed and dangerous or overwatch

Step 4: Camping

When being a camper this is the clasign you should use Hard To Kill the invincible and painkiller for the emblem

Step 5: Funky Emblems

All the funky emblems on a page I've pointed out some good ones thats the end but always open for suggestions



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    5 years ago

    What about it?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    lol wtf?!!1?!!1 im such a n00b i dont kn0w wh4t mw2, clasign or a gillie is.


    5 years ago

    Looking to change my clasign give me some ideas and ill do yours and name you in my next mw2 video