My 3-in-1 Jewelry Making Tutorial




About: Jane Chew aka XQDesigns is the chief editor behind 2 popular jewelry making blogs and websites: Handmade Jewelry Club and DIY Lessons. She started jewelry making as a hobby few years ago and was amazed how s...

I've been giving away the Black Swan Necklace for free. I have sent it to a lot of my friends in Facebook and it's available for free download at my website. I'm showing it here because what's interesting is the pendant design that I have created to match the necklace. It's like a 3-in-1 pendant. You can use it as a pendant, earrings and a focal piece for a bracelet. With just one tutorial you can already create a jewelry set.

If you like the necklace you can download it for free at my website. If you like the pendant you can check it out with this link.
Hope you like it!



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