My 7th Grade Slavery Project

Towards the end of my 7th grade year we began studying Africa, apartheid, and slavery.

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Step 1: What Was the Project?

Our main project for this unit was to create I dairy as if you were a slave who was just living your life then all of a sudden this changes and your forced into chains to the new world.

Step 2: How Did I Create This?

In order to create this I first brainstormed, researched, and just sat and thought about how it would be if I were a slave. So I read Copper Sun my Sharon Draper and that gave me so much inspiration. Suddenly, images and words started to flow and before I knew I had finished my dairy. Once, I typed everything up I printed it out and crumpled the papers up. Next, I soaked the once wrinkled paper in coffee. Then, I baked the papers until dry. Then, I burnt the edges and the little holes in the paper to give it and old antique look. Finally, my masterpiece was completed.

Step 3: What Did I Learn?

While doing this project I learned more about the true struggle of those who came before me. I also learned how going above and beyond in my school work truly pays off. (I got a 100 on my project!!). Lastly, I learned how blessed I am that I didn't have to endure as much as others.

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    Tex Arcana

    5 years ago

    fantastic learning experience. I'm proud you did this and learned so much, one can only hope you can take this and help make others' lives better, because slavery exists to this day.