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About: I work offshore in Norway in the oil sector. Employed by Oceaneering as an ROV Supervisor. Education : Skilled Industrial Mechanic, Skilled Aircraft Mechanic (Boeing737) ,and a degree as a Mechanical Technic...

I started to explore painting about 10 years ago. In the beginning it was just oil on plate. Now days, Its mainly acrylic painting with oil as a last stroke. But mostly just acrylic.

 I will just show ,and put together some of my projects here. And try to explain the pros and cons.  

The gallery can also be seen on my homepage.   

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Step 1: My Workplace .!

I tried the Art Easel earlier, with mixed results . It wasnt right for me. (We call it staffeli in Norway)  So I ended up on the floor in my livingroom.

 Just cover the floor with thick plastic membrane, and start messing!  For getting the paint on the canvas/plate , I use my hands, og big cheap brushes. Dont need expensive brushes here..! 

 The projector screen I used for projecting images to a canvas.Then the Easel was helpful. 
 For materials, I use:

Plaster for wall plates
Sand in different grades.
Aluminium foil.
Bits of metal
Acrylic glue.
Whatever that stics to the canvas.


Step 2: Decoupage

A fun way to make pictures , is to make the main motive on the computer first. And then transfer it to the canvas.

 I dont use canvas then, but plywood plate with either canvas stretched on ,or cotton painted with ordinary white acrylic wallpaint.

 An easy way to transfer pictures to canvas, is to just print A4 photopaper segments and glue it to the plate with 3M Spray mount. This is a static "dead" type of glue that doesnt shrink when dry. A normal wood glue or other types is not recommended. These tends to shrink ,and make the motive to warp. 
 The software I use, is Poster Printery 4.5 . I am sure there is similar programs to use, but this works for me.  Each segment printed, comes with lines to cut away with scissors or knife.

 When mounted on the canvas, you have to seal it with a clear Decoupage spray laquer .  When its dry, you can throw whatever you like on the picture. Or you can continue to mix layers of photos or i.e. pieces of newspaper on it.

 On my picture here, I "borrowed" the motive from Internet. Mounted it, and used a combination of plaster ,acrylics, and sand to make is seems that this woman are sitting in a cave.


Step 3: Different Ideas !

Once , I made a mold , and filled with concrete. This I had to throw away, since I had not predicted that it would stick to the wood around. And it was WAY to heavy to hang on a wall anyway. Later I made a canvas/plate with just the rim around in concrete. This was more successful, and not quite as heavy. I also used the cement slurry as a paint, and sealed it with lacquer. 
 I found a piece of 2" x 4" driftwood. I cut some groves in it, and cut several half-pieces of class that i glued in place.
 Then, I bought some neon tubes for Computer Cabinets. Inserted and Connected them with a 12V powersupply, and mounted on my wall. 

 The picture with the three men in capes, was made with a palette knife in 15 seconds. Spooky when there was suddenly three men standing in front of you..!

Step 4: Some of My Paintings ;)

This is a collection of some of my paintings,and other Decoupage and projects. The non abstract pictures are usually "borrowed" from the net, and treated in Photoshop. 

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    12 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Your paintings are so good and beautiful. Actually I like the techniques you use for paintings. Though you did not had all that courses on painting, but still your paintings are so perfect and lovely. This post of yours is one of the useful content to learn acrylic painting.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I love your paintings! So expressive and fearless. always wanted to be a painter - but I can't seem to let go enough

    1 reply
    Kjetil Egelandfoobear

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you...;) I like your ideas too..! I have no art courses or education in this field, so therefore I am not bound to curtain "rules" Hope to get some more space to my painting and art. I have had many request about specific colors and motives. But I always say no to that. It kills the spontaneous flow of expressions I think. And, the more you experiment, the more you get ideas for other projects.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Painting is like poetry: it can be anything from VERY GOOD to VERY BAD. Yours are nearer to VERY GOOD end.

    I speak as a person with zero knowing about the matter, based only in MY PERCEPTION. I like your color and shapes management.

    6 replies

    Thank you ! I had no idea 10 years ago when I found out that I needed some pictures on my wall. So, instead of buying them, I tried out myself. And it was fun! Sometimes I have to burn the whole picture outside, but thats ok..hehe ..The most important thing in art and in constructing tools and everything else you need or dont need, is that you TRY, and that you have fun with it. I love the things you have made.. ! And I can see that you enjoy it ,and have lots of ideas more to try out. Thats I`m sure of..! I will follow your projects, and look forward to the next instructable from you my friend. I will post another instructable tonight. I have a webcamera at home. And I want to share how I put it on the internet. And how I make video from it. My webcamera is on if you want to see. And on youtube : . I made some films from my webcams and put here.
    Talk to you later :) Kjetil

    Hello Osvaldo ;)

    Thank you again.. I am now at work offshore in the North Sea. I have to get home soon, so I can post more videos on Youtube and Instructables. Do you have a webcamera from your home..? I plan to use an old Sony DV camera as a webcam to stream to internet. It has a fantastic zoom and image stabilizer.
    Do you have any new projects ongoing? I want to make a Vibrating Polisher. I am also interested in your spot welder. And I have started to look for parts for a Tesla coil..

    Have a nice day...!


    No, Kjetil, I have no webcam, except that of this notebook I use in this moment. My city is flat, then there are few and boring landscapes to show.

    I have too many ongoing projects. This days I am trying to learn metal sheet spinning, in order to make a Stirling motor with double conical ended chamber. I did some new improvements to my wood lathe, some new rotating tools, ruined several pieces of metal sheet, did two molds in semi-hard wood, and each day I say "today I must achieve it!".

    My main problem is I am alone, having no teacher nor helper. Only Instructables, Youtube and virtual friends. Other projects are unattended solar cooking, fireworks, to make a rope making machine, a valveless pulse-jet motor with only one tube, and others.

    Hello again... ;) Nice to hear that you have plans. I would also like to build a pulse-jet engine. I have seen it at school, and it is a hell of a noise from it...! Have you done any aluminium forging, Osvaldo..? I saw there are several instructables here. I would like to try, and make a mold to forge parts for me to machine and plate with nickel ,or anodize it. I like your lathe machine.. both my grandfathers was wood craftsmen and real artists. They dont live anymore, but I can get access to the lathe machine anytime.
     Another project, is to make my own ROV . I work with that out here offshore. We use a Magnum Plus ROV ,that can go down to about 3000 meter sea depth.  
     Have a nice evening.. hope we keep in touch..!  

    No, Kjetil, I don't did aluminium forging, but I have an iron thick walls container having a long handle, ready for use it in the forge. Near my home there is an aluminium shop that sells remains at low price (less than 1 U$S/kg).
    WOW, a ROV is a very great project, hope you have success.

    My home-made lathe is too weak to make metal sheet spinning, it pauses when I do a little force. The speed drive belt is the main problem, it slips.