My Adventure With Getting the Endurance Laser

Like so many people, we want to
get into a new hobby or maybe a side business to do some laser engraving. We all look at and think about the lasers on EBay or other related websites that show strong lasers with very low prices. I purchased my first laser engraver a year ago, and found that I really enjoyed the new hobby and the ability to make some extra money with the laser. A 2w laser is not strong enough to do the laser engraving I need, and the time that is required to do the actual laser engraving with this laser strength just takes too long. I then purchased a Chinese laser engraver kit that stated it is a 15-watt laser. The laser worked, but I could only use it for short periods due to the required cool down period and the engraving speed I had to use was still very slow. These types of lasers only have the 15w laser power for bursts of a few seconds, and then go down to an average of 7w. The other problem with the Chinese Lasers is that they cannot be used for long engraving periods, which is due to the Laser diode getting very hot. These laser engravers also limited cooling capabilities, which is due to only having one fan on the heat sink that is used to cool the laser diode.

I wanted to get a laser engraver that will serve my needs for years to come. The CO2 based laser engravers were more expensive and I did not want to have to deal with chillers, filtration, changing laser tubes, and everything else that goes along with these type of lasers.

Over the past several months, I began to do research and found a startup company called Endurance Lasers. When I was first began looking into ordering the Laser, I sent many emails, more than a dozen actually, asking many questions. George Formitchev, CEO of Endurance Lasers responded quickly with the answer to my questions, and he included links to the documentation and on-line videos to watch. Their lasers are rated to have true power outputs with minimal power loss and can run continuous for 48 to 72 hours due to the cooling system that Endurance has perfected for the laser diode. Wow, this is what I needed; a laser that has a long lifespan of ~10,000 hours and the power output for the laser does not drop. The lasers cost is a little more, but with the performance, and the long life of the laser this Is a no brainer.

After reviewing the documentation, and thinking how responsive Endurance Laser is, I made my decision and I ordered the laser, and received it 8 days later.

Endurance Laser is a startup company, that not only has products that will shape the market due to their innovative solutions, but most importantly, their customer service is exceptional. I ordered the 10W plus laser, and the strength was amazing. In the past, I had to engrave very slowly due to the poor performance of the 15w laser. When using the Endurance Laser, I was able to increase the speed for my laser engraver more than 3 times the speed of what I use to engrave with, and I set max power for engraving to half of what I use to use. The results are incredible! This is a picture of my first engraving with this laser on a scrap of birch plywood. The Endurance Laser saves me so much time, and the strength of this laser is just amazing.

While using the laser I had many questions, regarding the air assist and the volt/amp settings. The voltage, which is displayed on the control box, was not where it should have been, and after

several emails back an fourth,
George stated that he would send me a new control box so that I do not have to change any settings. I have to say, the customer service for the company is top notch, better than companies that have been around for a long time.

I am glad that I made the decision to purchase this laser, and incorporate it into my laser system.

Here are some photos of my laser system, showing the Endurance Laser

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    7 months ago

    great!!! love it!


    1 year ago

    This instructable seems like an ad in a thin disguise. Though having said that, I'm still interested.

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