My Anti-Yo Entry: the Kanda-Hart

The Kanda-Hart- Start with a breakaway, then undercut the yoyo. At the same time, with your throw hand, toss back a slack loop over your pointer finger. Now unwind the yoyo from the under cut. Just as it is released from the undercut, throw the slack loop (while keeping your pointer finger inside the loop) over the string segments/away from you and onto the yoyo.
To return, drop the segment on your right pointer finger, unwind one string layer with your throw hand and you end up in a classic bind. Pull throw hand and release left segments and celebrate the landing of a cool trick. Cake or Pie works, I personally go with Cheesecake.

The hardest part is getting the slack loop OVER the string segments/AWAY from you so it lands on the far side/away side of the yoyo.

There are no possible knots from this trick, but I do not recommend dropping the segments on your left hand and right at the same time, or your yoyo will snag and hit your fingers. One segment at a time will suffice if you want to simplify things on.



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    Adam Brewster

    11 years ago on Introduction

    Man! I remember Jordan Cooper doing this trick a few years ago - I loved it then, and I love it now. (Plus it's nice for it to have a name other than, "that one thing Jordan Cooper did in the beginning of his 2nd video" lol) Keep it up man!

    2 replies

    Thanks. Occasionally I can land a variant where its a tower, but I can't explain something I barely grasp myself. and just when I thought i was being original, Jordan Cooper steals my

    oh word! To get that to happen, (the long way) first land in the heart... and pop the bottom string that the yoyo's resting on, out and to the front. So to do it right from the whip, just sorta practice positioning your hand so that string will be out in front in the first place. (I really hope that made some sort of sense) And yeah, Jordan Cooper's the man haha.