My Assassins Creed Tomahawk

I made this completely out of wood ( excluding the decorations.) i used mirror mirror spray paint and valspar gloss black paint. The handle stain is called gunstock but i would have liked it darker. I bought the leather at Michaels for about seven dollars for both strips. I used red felt for under the blade and rubber bands for the things near the handle. My dad found the nails for the handle at my grandpas house. I drew the feather on a piece of paper and laminated it with tape. I just used my fingernails to make the scratches on the blade. Thanks to EarthboundEmpire for the tutorial. The whole thing cost about ten dollars



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    Micheal J.C

    3 years ago

    make me one holy crap THATS AMAZING



    3 years ago

    thats cool dude