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Introduction: Monkey Art

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My sister is an awesome artist / person. Yesterday she brought me this painting of the “hear no evil” monkeys (she knows I like this stuff). I’m really happy to get it! With her permission, I’m sharing her work with you.

She started out by tearing a piece of canvas into 3 pieces and then sewing them back together. She then made a frame and stretched the canvas over it. Of course she painted it before giving it to me.

How awesome it that!?!

When she was in high school she painted on our Father's handmade garage cabinets. When our folks moved out I took the cabinet doors and hung them in my own garage. Pictures of those cabinets are included in this post.

Thanks Sister, aka Yunuen Vega



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    your sister has got some amazing talent. i know my art teacher would have loved her tearing and sewing the canvas, she also liked messing around with media. again, very impressive

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    That tearing and sewing technique adds a whole new layer to the entire piece. It's a really cool effect. I have seen some creative canvas uses before, like wrinkling or ripping, but this I haven't seen before. I like it, as with heaps of your other 'ibles. Evidently you and your sister share the 'awesome' gene

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    I was thinking the exact thing, you and "your" family clearly possess the creative gene, thank you for sharing it with us.

    Two things:

    1. Those cabinet doors are pretty awesome, I am glad you saw fit to save them, otherwise they would have been covered in a coat of dull&drab offwhite or something else just as nasty.
    2. I LOVE the creativity involved in the monkey canvas. I am no art afficionado, but the tearing/sewing of the canvas sounds extremely original and adds a whole new level to the canvas.

    I am glad you chose to share this with us, and again glad I am following you so that it would get my attention.

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    Super work. I immediately saw this design on tshirts, and journals for monkey lovers... Does she sell or teach? I could only wish to be able to paint 1/4 as well as she does... thanks for sharing. I love it when I get alerts that you've added more to your profile.