My BOB [Bug Out Bag]




Introduction: My BOB [Bug Out Bag]

Here is my new video about my BOB [Bug Out Bag]



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    I would put ur fire kit in a plastic bag so its water resistant

    I suggest u add fish line and hook for snare or fishing, can opener, probably should have a survival bracelet because it store paracord nicely, probably a portable knife sharpener, instead of Kleenex just use toilet paper, and a more proper water bottle other than that it's pretty good, you might be able to improve on first aid kit and I like that hatchet crowbar hammer

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    Thanks for the help definetly going to make a new video keep a eye out for it! :)

    Oh! And you may want a hand crank or solar power flashlight because batteries will die eventually

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    Ahh forgot to put my crank radio with a flash light in there.... Lol thanks for the reminder =D

    "You'll shoot your eye out kid"

    I camp about 3-4 times a year and I love it =)