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Introduction: My Best Stronghold Legends Maps

About: I paint, write music, and used to build knex guns. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art. - updated 5/7/2014

My name is {TUS}SAURON on Stronghold Legends, I have made a couple hundred custom maps for the game, and this is a showcase of the best ones.

1-5: King Race 2: Inspired by {LOD}Classic's original king race, this is my all time best map. Teamed players fight through a labrinth of puzzles, defenses, and traps to reach the finish line. Each player is provided with about 80 knights and their king at the start of the game. The first player who reaches the estate in the top right corner of the map with their king wins. The host kills the losers and allows the winner to siege and kill them.

6,7: Pike War (5): This is my most popular (and most addicting) map. It is a lightning fast battle that can last anywhere from 1-30 minutes. Pikemen are the most heavily armored unit in the game with a weak attack, making them very slow to kill, but clever tactics can be employed to take out an enemy king and win the game in a short time. There are 4 tunnels, a fire-breathing dragon, polar bears, and knights that are caged in gates awaiting release by the players.

8,9: Pacman: This map is based the classic arcade game, pacman. Teamed players run through the narrow passages of the map killing docile laddermen (the laddermen represent pacman food) with their kings(the kings represent pacman). Four large groups of enemy knights run between the walls given rally points so that they move automatically in their set pattern (the knights represent the ghosts). When all the laddermen have been eliminated, the host allows the other players to kill their king to end the game. Picture number eight is a screenshot of the map layout, which I made to be similar to the original pacman.

10,11: Death Clock 2: This is a map overshadowed by one fact; that time is always running out. It is a king of the hill map, the first one to control the hill for 10 minutes wins. Players are provided with a couple hundred units, most of them pikemen. The center of the map, where all of the fighting takes place, is boxed off by gates from from the rest of the map where the players keeps are, creating an intense battle at the hill. But each player also controls a large group of ice queens (the most ridiculously powerful unit in the game) in the corners of the map who are available for battle on a slow release system. After about 3 minutes the ice queens arrive at the enemies keep clockwise from their owners keep and usually defeat that player. Then the queens are free to attack at the center of the map. The first player to reach the hill with their ice queens decimate everyone within a minute. The second player to reach the center with their queens will end up fighting it out with the other player. The last queens left standing will win the match.

12,13: Accademy 2: This map was inspired by the accademy multiplayer mission from Star Wars The Clones Wars for Gamecube. Three teamed players are locked in an arena and given a small castle with lots of units for its defense. They must survive 10 waves of attack and siege from the host player from 4 sides. The units in the waves are seperated by walls in order to make them simple to deploy into battle. The first wave is the easiest to repel and each one becomes more difficult. The host players' king marches into battle during wave ten and if he is defeated than the game ends.


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    Awesome work bro.! Excellent creativity. Hope you still create more maps.
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    Thanks! I haven't made maps in a long time. It was cool to make these and I still might make one once in a while but there's not much I can do with it outside of the internet so I've been doing other things like painting. I have an artist page on facebook here:

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