My Bling Bling Copper Coin Bracelet

Hi All. Quick Step by Step:)

Step 1: You Will Need

1. Some old copper coins or anything metal that is smooth and round. I chose a few pennies and one 2pence coin in which I had lying around. Also some stretch elastic cut to the size of the wrist it is intended for.

Step 2: Rhinestones

Step 3: Glue

Strong stick careful not to stick your fingers together or stick the coins or rhinestones to your fingers:)..(get an adult to help..:)..

Step 4: Stick Rhinesones Down

Stick down the coins. Stick the rhinestones in whatever way you choose with glue.

Step 5: Machine or Hand Sew

Hand stitch or machine sew the ends together inside out.

Step 6: Does It Look Like This?

Should look something like this.

Step 7: Ok..its Time for a Tune:)

Finish and wear with pride:)



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    5 years ago

    Making your own bling is the best.