My Brazilian Garden




The idea of this project is to photograph without making use of computerized editing. A 14 mega pixel Kodak digital camera was used.

Step 1: Time of Day

I made the photographs late in the afternoon to have stronger colors and brighter colors. Near the sunset the natural light is yellow and this helped in the effect I wanted in the photos.

Step 2: Focus Distance

To photograph insects and flowers, I used the camera setting to shoot objects less than 70 centimeters apart.

Step 3: Effects

I used flash to highlight the brighter object and make the background darker. This does not happen when the background is the sky, but the object in focus is bright.

Step 4: Selection

Selecting the part of the landscape with an angle that only shows this part in the photo is very important. A little zoom can help.

This is my art with photographs. I enjoy using camera features with nature's features. I hope you enjoyed!

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