My Breaded Pizza Roll

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Was craving for pizza and need to save money... (mommy thing).

So, tried to look around the kitchen of what to cook for me and my little boy and an idea came to mind... time do some activity together with my son for a change.

Found Hot dogs, Tomato paste, Cheese, pineapple bits, eggs, bread crumbs and sliced bread.

Grab my rolling pin and flatten the slice bread.

Spread the tomato paste all over the flattened sliced bread.

Started slicing each hotdog into 4 parts (lenghtwise).

Sliced the cheese lenghtwise too.

Are you familiar with making Maki rolls? That is how you will assemble it. Just like that.

Get ready to beat the eggs for coating and the breadcrumbs too.

Once you roll the hotdog, cheese and the pineapple tidbits inside the bread... dip it in the beaten egg and coat it with bread crumbs.

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Step 1:

Get your pan ready with a hot oil that is good for frying!

Cook it until it's golden brown on all sides. Once cooked, put it in a wire rack to make sure the it will cool on all sides and this would help make it crispier!

Step 2: Final Look

Here is how it will look like.

My son love it! even my mom, niece and nephews!

A must try for a "meryenda/afternoon snack time".

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    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks. You'll love its crispness. When my son saw this, he is asking me to make it again. :)