My Cardboard Giraffe




About: I love to sew, as I'm sure you can see from my ibles ;) I also love lawn flamingos, going to the beach, dinosaurs, and doing random stuff.

This is the cardboard giraffe I made. These pictures were taken at a friends house. I covered a box in white paper and painted it yellow, then I cut up my science fair poster and made it into the legs and neck and head. Then I cut holes in the legs and body so I could tie them on with yarn so that I could kind of sit down.It's actually a costume and it's really hard to bend over when I'm wearing it.

In three of the pictures I kinda just threw him in a chair.
It's right eye looks really messed up because I was wearing it and tried bending over to draw it on and I'm left handed so it was kind of hard to do.

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    I was kinda the one taking the video...I have another one of me in a wheel barrow being carted down the street with my giraffe.



    The song is "Failing to Grow Up" by Jimmy Inglish. I thought it fit the video perfectly, especially the part where the wheel barrow falls over. The person in the cowboy hat is one of my friends, not me.


    I couldn't tell. But last time we rode bikes with the giraffe some people actually pulled over to ask us what it was. It was really funny. It's called "Where do Ice Cream Trucks Go in the Winter?" by Michael Hurst.

    I was able to watch it on your photobucket...I like the music, but I was hoping for a view of you in it, not from you in it.


    Today I took a video while riding a bike with it. And one in a wheelbarrow running over a Reddi-whip can on the side of the road.


    It would if my camera didn't get all messed up. I thought they were done uploading and went and deleted them off of my camera. Turns out they are no longer on my camera or computer. :( It makes me mad. It's all because of Digger.....