My Carved Wooden Ship!!!





Introduction: My Carved Wooden Ship!!!

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  My school has a creek that runs through it. We have boat races every year. Everyone decided to make they're boat out of paper, plastic, popcicle sticks, or french fry trays while I made mine out of wood. Carved wood. It is a model from the Civil War. Ther name is moniter I beleive. I think the materials are obviously easy to see, but if I'm wrong you feel free to ask me anything.



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    HELLO LIL LAIRY i'm Rijan from nepal nice to meet you.

    I can't make a video, but I can try to add some pictures if my computer stops glitching.

    no, it's a coffee can. I was going to type up how to make it, but my computer froze right when i was going to publish it!!! D:< And I typed A LOT, but I'm too lazy to retype it.

    lol... Im going to blame a grimey keyboard for that typo ! Here's an idea if there's a next time, cut a 2liter plastic bottle in half length wise or a little less than half , maybe hotglue in a deck, should be light enough to float really quick in the safety restricted water

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    Thanx! I kinda over painted it. maybe thats why it looks like plastic.

    I like the safety rails but believe the monitor was a few years before tanks ! The USS MOnitor was referred to as a cheesebox on a raft due to its rotating round gun turret (one of the first ever) with its low profile the monitor wasn't very seaworthy and sank in high seas off the North Carolina coast dec 31 1962, the turret has been recovered and sits in a maritime museum. How did your model fare in the creek?