My Chosen K'NEX War Loadout

Here is my chosen loadout for if I were to go to a K'NEX war. I have a grenade(link to my instructions), lighter(not shown in first pic), dynamite stick, Mac 10 (link to instructions by entenie-1995, I give credit to him/her), SSP16 (single shot pistol, model of 2016), and ammo for both guns. Here are the links. Click to go to Mac-10 instructionsClick here to go to my grenade instructions Let's get to the review of the items I have!

Step 1: Lighter With Pop Out Fake Flame!

Here is a lighter I created. When you flick the thing a fake flame pops out. I made this because I needed something to light the dynamite with. Just a fun little thing I made. Look at the image notes.

Step 2: Dynamite That Blows Up

Here is the dynamite stick. To make you just hold some red rods with a bendy lime rod(optional for the fuse for looks) in the middle and tie a rubber band on it. To activate slide the band down to the end of the stick and throw HARD for it to blow up. First pic: Lighting the dynamite(before I added the fake flame) Second pic: Dynamite damage when threw hard

Step 3: Knife

A cool KNEX knife I made that isn't really that useful. Just a non-foldable knife I created. First pic: at war with shy guy

Step 4: Grenade (damage)

The damage is pretty good of the grenade. Better blast radius when you throw harder. Better view on intro pic. This pic is just the damage it does.

Step 5: The Primary Weapon... the Mac-10!

Instruction link is in the intro (by entenie-1995). Best of the bunch, the Mac-10. Handle mag, true trigger mech., and 10 round mag. Again, better view of side on intro pic. First pic: Shooting the Mac-10

Step 6: The SSP16 (single Shot Pistol, Model of 2016)

Here is my SSP16, that has a true trigger. Cool single shot pistol that has 3 bands and shoots pretty far. First pic: Shooting the SSP16



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    2 years ago

    Not really a war load out, but a set of weapons that you like. :)