My Circuit Bent Atari Punk Console




Here's my Atari Punk Console. I built it a couple of years ago, circuit bending it every once in a while. It started out as a really small standard, un-modded APC in a 4x2x1in plastic project enclosure. I've modded/circuit bent it so much since then, now it needs a roughly 7x5x3in enclosure. I've included pictures of all it's features and a video demonstration. - In case you didn't know, an Atari Punk Console (APC) is basically a DIY electronic noise maker. Credits go to Forrest M. Mims III (original circuit creator), and the Maker Shed ( ) for the particular kit I used. Want to make one yourself? Try this kit. Radioshack sells nice project enclosures for things like this. If you make one, I highly suggest circuit bending it, because it makes it a lot more fun to play with. Here's a short video on circuit bending.

Here's a demonstration of what it can do-



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