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Introduction: My Coilgun

i created this coilgun from rwilsford07's ible. i loved his ible because of all of the info that was presented. this gun includes a 12-layer 22-gauge coil and 18, 330v 120 uf caps. laser sight and a scope it has a range of about 47 meters.

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    how sturdy is your design? the barrel seems to sag a little. that decreases range and accuracy.

    im busy trying to create something to do that for me, so for now i put a piece of tape in the back of the straw.

    sorry for wasting your time with a possibly noob question, but why do you need such high voltage ratings on the caps when the power source is only 9v?

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    think of a capacitor like a bucket and the battery like a hose. The battery fills up the capacitor until it's full. Using a switch you can allow it to fill up completely and once it's full you flip the switch and out comes a higher voltage. One of the best uses for this is in a 555 timer circut, the amount of time it takes to fill a capacitor is the same as the time vatiations

    because the camera circuit will use a transformer to step up the voltage to around 450 volts, and that is using a 1.5 volt battery. using a 9.6 volt would give a voltage of 2880 volts, this is how a camera flash and coil gun work. first charge a high voltage capacitor using a step up transformer and a low voltage power source, then discharge the capacitor quickly and use the masive current for something.

    Awesome job. The only thing different that I'd do though, is put all the components into a plastic toy gun. Rated 5 Stars! *****

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    To me there are 2 cool looks= the smooth toy gun all contained look
    and the hanging out look
     I think the exposed look is just a little bit better to me
    Great job though!!!!!

    There is still that much more of the chance of you getting shocked, though. Trust me, I have been zapped by one fully charged Kodak capacitor, and it felt like you were getting kicked by a horse. I don't want to even try getting shocked by 8 or 18 capacitors in series!

    Yea, I got a jolt from a disposable camera, too.  it made me yell and scared the sh!t outta me. It didn't really hurt, just made my muscles tense up.

    I got shocked a while ago too. It dosnt feel like you are getting kicked by a horse, I just lost control of my muscles for a moment it was not that painful really. But true 8 or 18 would hurt like heck!

    I made a coilgun similar to this and will post it later, my other one is in a toy gun, you should check it out!

    Hello guys
    I am making a coilgun made of a disposable camera and some capacitors.
    I have made a drawing with google sketch-up. Could you please check if I have made all the connections right? ( I am not an expert ……… yet)
    please reply!

    ok, so after looking at a few of these i am asuming that, A) the barel is not applying thrust, or momentum to the projectile, and B) the coil positioned on the outside of the barel is making 1 single pulse of electro magnetic fource applied to the projectile, , and once the projectile is clear of the coil area it is inertia, friction, and gravity that determine the trajectory.

    Is that correct????