My Competitor 4 Mods

Introduction: My Competitor 4 Mods

About: This account is mostly for knex guns. I'll post when I feel i have a project worth the effort. Don't expect much lol

The Competitor IV by JonnyBGood is a great knex pistol, so go build it right now. I'll wait.
...seriously. Do it.
Go. Now.
Oh, hey. Welcome back.
I thought you forgot about me.
Well, anyways, these are my mods to his gun. Enjoy.

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Step 1: Base Mods

Snub nose, larger caliber ammo, grip extension, and flip up iron sights

Step 2: Modular Front Extension

Added extension with rail
Regular grip
Quick release slant grip

Step 3: Other

Sight and extended mag

Btw, I'll be posting an original gun soon, so keep an eye out.

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago

    First off, thank you so much for building Competitor IV! Secondly I like how you gave a noninvasive barrel extension and a fore grip that looks pretty good! Thanks for posting and can't wait to see what yoh make next!

    Ricardo Awesome
    Ricardo Awesome

    5 years ago

    There were some things i wanted to build into a gun, but i got lazy and used the competitor instead of making my own gun. From now on I will be my own man, and build my own guns. Unless i get lazy again lol