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Introduction: My Craftsman Workshop

About: Im always up for trying something new. I can figure out how something works if you give me 5 minutes with it, and im always trying to improve on things. Theres nothing i cant temporarily fix, and i feel lost...

Here is my entry for the Craftsman Workshop contest. If you notice, most of the power tools are Craftsman brand.



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    How big is it? I have access to my great uncles 68x48 shop.

    I'd love a couple of those cabinets for my jewelry supplies, but they are so expensive!!!!!

    Sweet workshop! That is huge! I share my workshop too with my dad and brother. They use it like once a year.

    ok, 1, it isn't for sale, 2, yes, most tools in the boxes are hand tools, and 3, the red ones are like 10 yrs, and the black one is like 3 yrs.

    Thanks, I have repaired cars, fixed things, just tinker, and hundritsw of other things that I can barely remember.