My Custom Car Audio System W/ Playstation 2 Wireless Remote, 7" Inch LCD W/ Wireless Headphones,LEDS, 5 Farad Capacitor




Introduction: My Custom Car Audio System W/ Playstation 2 Wireless Remote, 7" Inch LCD W/ Wireless Headphones,LEDS, 5 Farad Capacitor

About: I love this site! And thanks for it. I'm an artist, Inventor, drummer, home mechanic, handy in doing, fixing/repairing a lot of things which makes me the handy man in the family. I love to be creative in all...

  This is my custom made car audio system designed and built by me.  This is a fiberglass speaker box I made using a wood frame and fleece material, fiberglass risin,body filler and a lot of hard sanding. Also the trunk walls were framed using wood, then fleece just like the speaker box was made to make the custom cabinets and compartments to hide all the wiring and components with room to store the two 7 inch monitors wireless headphones, PS2 games and all the things needed like motor oil,cleaners and others but also holding the Amp on one side and 5 Farad Capacitor on the other side. I needed a place to store and hide the spare tire and jack so I put a concealed trap door well hidden at the bottom floor under the PS2 console.
  The floor is lined with blue carpet. The PS2 consoled enclosure (case) is a translucent blue with LEDs inside to give it a nice glow. Also the rear trunk cover has LEDs pointing at the speakers giving it that nice light affect when on at night!  At the trunk lid I have a custom frame that was built using plywood and body filler sanded to a smooth finish holding two 7 inch monitors w/ remotes and two small speakers/tweeters.  The design of the frame holding the trunks monitors was made to match the speaker box air ports which also was inspired from the shape of my cars custom exhaust pipe which I constructed.
   In the interior I have two 7 inch monitors on the sun visors,an Radio/DVD player all connected to the four monitors. The PS2 is connected to the DVD player so it can be seen on all the monitors so when games are being played you can hear it through the sound system. The speaker box is suspended from under the rear dash holding two 12 inch audiobann speaker that are facing outwards to reveal the cool flames.

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