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Introduction: My Custom Duct Tape Wallet

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I spent a few days working on this wallet; planning and gathering materials. The original plan was changed because I was running out of Duct Tape and it would have been to large. I am happy with how it turned out.

Velcro is a great idea for coin pockets, instead of a button that can let the valuables fall out. I used hot glue and compressed it under the books, it works great!

The flashlight was a very slim one. I was planning to leave a whole in the side or bottom of the wallet so the bulb can shine through. It would have been removable to replace the battery. I decided not to use it only because of space and how little I would use it.

Just a few ideas that you might want to include in your own wallet! I used the guide I made, Duct Tape Wallets for ideas and guides. Hope you enjoy making your wallet as much as I did!.

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    17 Discussions

    how did you make the lines in the back? were the strips of tape pre-cut or were they all 1" wide

    dude thats sketchy! I mean nice layout... but like use a ruler and an xacto knife or atleast scissors

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    I did, I just wanted to get an overall idea on how I would cut it, and test out the functionality of the pocket. Sorry I didn't post shots of during the making of it, but that's why it's a slideshow!

    Its a pretty nice wallet, but waaaaaay too thick. I remember my first wallet was thick, the longer you make wallets, you get more little tricks to trick it out, and keep it slim. in todays world its all about EVERYTHING being sleek and

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    I agree, I made the sides thicker than they needed to be, only so it would last. It was my first wallet I made in a long time, so I'm pretty happy with it. Thanks for your comment!

    sweet wallet mate!!!! i have made afew myself, and they are great!!! just thought of a good way of keeping coins droping out of the coin pocket... You can use strong magnets and hide them in the tape if you plan it out right...

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    the best wallet i ever made was approx. one inch thick, had ten card slots, a multitool slot, five flash drive slots, a change pocket, and i don't remember what else. my thinnest wallet is two millimeters thick when empty.

    I used foam! it gives the iPod case added protection so that it's not just covering the iPod, it actually cushions it in case it falls or hits something.

    cool wallet, but the lighter colored duct tape looks like silly putty. Just sayin'.

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