My Custom Knex TR-8





Introduction: My Custom Knex TR-8

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Alright so I just bulit this tr its very powerful as most tr's are. I'm going to include some pro's below

8 shot turret with the ball joint update
The newish trigger
Zac's handle
nice customish stock
A bolt thingy (its in the last pic, it helps pull back the ram better)

Oh sorry that all the pictures are sideways my camera does that automaticly alot :(



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    Seriously? People are still making their own "custom" TR8's even though there's nothing original about the majority of them on ibles anymore and the gun's 3 years old lol.

    3 replies

    Its still one of the best guns of its family on this site and I don't see any reason not to post "custom" versions of it.

    Posting them in a comment or a forum topic or whatever is cool, but it doesn't really warrant an instructable or slideshow.

    Very cool gun :)
    I have made some guns, but I've never posted them yet, and it would be cool if you would have a look at them :D