My DIY Heart on Your Sleeve Pin

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Intro: My DIY Heart on Your Sleeve Pin

Here’s how to create your own quirktastically literal heart on your sleeve pin (with my oh-so-artistic free template).

Step 1:

grab some heart-coloured fabric scrap (I used the remains of a fleece scarf), an embroidery needle & thread in vein-y blue + a bit o’ stuffing

Step 2:

choose your heart size & cut it out then fold the fabric in half & pin on the template

Step 3:

chop out the heart, et voila! A front & back piece. Set aside the back for now & re-pin the template to the front on the right side of the fabric

Step 4:

using the lines of the template as a guide split stitch straight through both paper & fabric to create the veins

Step 5:

when you’re happy with your funky blood vessels gently remove the paper

Step 6:

pop the front on top of the back piece & securely blanket stitch the edges together, stuff & close and your open heart surgery is complete!

Step 7:

stitch on a brooch back or safety pin and give your heart away this Valentine's day or keep it for yourself and wear your heart on your sleeve!



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    2 years ago

    Love the idea; looks great!