My Dad & I MacGyver

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Hello! My dad always macgyvers broken things around our house. I think he is my inspiration : )

This instructables will show some of our works.

Don't forget to check my dad Ace Project in this instrctables.

Step 1: Revive Dustpan

A dustpan handle at our home had been broken. So my father revived it by putting old toothbrush in the hole in the handle, gluing it, then using PVC pipe as a new handle since the inner diameter is too big for toothbrush.

Step 2: Extend Small Broom

Attach small broom to the broken handle from previous step for extended length. I use this one for cleaning my guinea pigs' cage without bending myself.

Step 3: Wall Phone Holder

Your phone can't be hung on the wall ? No problem!!!

Attach small plastic box to the wall as a phone holder.

Step 4: Repair Sofa

Our sofa was broken. My father used the old parts of other broken chair as cushions. It might not look beautiful, but it is comfortable : )

Step 5: Tape Rest

Use your waxed sheet from your used sticker as a tape rest.

Step 6: Beat the Dust

I love to store my things in boxes and put them all in the shelf. Unfortunately, top box always cover with dust. So I have simple solution for this problem by using large paper (mine is from old calendar) to cover the top.

Step 7: Simple Headphone Holder

Hang a wire with the hook of the stand to make your headphone holder.

Step 8: Simple Monitor Stand

My pc monitor wasn't high enough, so I used computer component box as a monitor stand.

Step 9: Portable Ventilation Fan From Its Box

This is one of my dad's master piece!!!. He use its box to make a case. Then add extra wire and switch. Done!!! You can carry it around and use it wherever you like. Sometimes I use it as personal fan : )

For this project you can find more details on this instructables of mine.

Step 10: One More Thing...

I hope this instructables will help you deal with your problem in macgyver way : )

And don't forget to check out my Portable Ventilation Fan Project

  • Thank you to my sister who helped me writing these instructions in English.
  • Thank you to my father who always have macgyver ideas.
  • Thank you for visiting.

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