My Daily Makeup.




Introduction: My Daily Makeup.

Yeah. This is my daily makeup tutorial.

Step 1:

Start off with a clean face. That's important.

Step 2: Moisturize.

moisturize yo face. soft skin is bae. I use Clean & Clear something or another.

Step 3: Primer.

Primer is a base for all your makeup, even your foundation. I use Hard Candy; Sheer Envy.

Step 4: Foundation.

I'm trying to use up my 9 foundations so. Right now I'm using Clinique Superbalanced Makeup in the colour 27- Alabaster. For foundation I use the ELF small stipple brush.

Step 5: Powder.

Swag. I use NYC translucent powder. I just use a powder puff for that.

Step 6: Bronzer.

I use just a bit of cocoa powder and corn starch mixed together. I love it. it smells amazing.

Step 7: Blush.

I use Fox In A Box by Hard Candy- only the light pinky colour. And I just use a normal stipple brush.

Step 8: Highlighter.

I use instant cheekbones by Covergirl. The lightest pinky colour. And I use a cheek bone from Forever 21.

Step 9: Eyeshadow.

I use Revlon 'Not Just Nudes' as a base, then Smokey Eye Palette, 'Smoke Balm' by the Balm, and then NYX jumbo pencil in milk for highlighting my eyes.

Step 10: Eyeliner.

I use Master Precise from Maybelline. It's amazing.

Step 11: Mascara.

I use Flamed Up Mega Curl by Covergirl on my upper lashes, and Définicils by Lancôme on my lower.

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    5 years ago

    Unicorn head, step seven, picture two. I WANT

    Pretty! Also, I am totally digging the packaging on that Flamed Up mascara! I'll have to try that sometime when I'm done with my current mascara.


    6 years ago

    cute ..