My Dream Workshop


Introduction: My Dream Workshop

This is a really simple workshop with several of the tools I want to have or already own. I made it in google sketchup and added a few hand tools for effect, its a work in progress and will probably be updated as I find more tools I want.



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    I would swap the bench-mounted drill press and bandsaw for larger (and thereby more flexible and more useful..) floor-mounted models. Looks like you would have room on the left near your tool chests for them...

    This would also give more clear bench space to handle larger projects ~ and breed bigger messes..

    Nice drawing, too.

    I once had a dream to have my workshop combined with my room. I sleep walk though so I could possibly get into some accidents. :)

     a bigger vice u probabaly already know do, and a wood vice on the bench, its like a piece of wood on the side of the desk that moves in and out and a table in th middle would be incredibly useful and drawers on the bench, and bigger pegboard. a computer may also be good, a metal workbench would be better, im just thinking outloud hope it helps :)

    You forgot the piles of useless crap that eventually ends up in any MANS workshop, lol nice work.

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    ha ha yes like the scrap wood lots of different sized nails/screws and sometimes a hammer and some screw drivers

    plunge router, router table, table saw, drum sander, dremil, and of course a soldering station