My Dream Is to Invest in My Business to Make It Compettitive


I own & operate a Graphic Design Studio out of my loft. I would like to invest in a 3D Printer,  Large Format Printer & Vinyl Cutter, It would help me to keep jobs in house so I can maximize profit potential. I would also like to hire a PT sales rep to deal with bringing in the work so I can concentrate on creating/outputting art. I believe that these two things would help to get me into a Building by 2014. I hope to have 3-4 employees by 2016 (Provided Obama doesn't completely crush the economy) I have some ideas on making Auto decals & other stuff that the printer/plotter would come in Real Handy for. In Short 25k would be able to spark a decent small business that's struggling & scrapping for every penny, to being able to compete effectively & make a good living for my Family & myself.Thank You! I appreciate the tremendous opportunity that you are offering. God Bless you!
Mike Perkins
2834 S 63rd dr
Phoenix, AZ, 85043
DOB 12/26/1966

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