My Dutch, Cheap, Recycled Garden.





Introduction: My Dutch, Cheap, Recycled Garden.

About: I am an arts and crafts teacher in a secondary school in the Netherlands. ( I love making things. Especially out of nothing, worthless materials, garbage and cheap stuff. Besides that I...

We bought our house in 2001 and when we moved in discovered that someone had replaced a forrest to our backyard. We had to chop 9 trees in a garden of 5m by 12m, the biggest tree being a birch of around 15m
Well, since then a lot has happenend, in my family (got two kids now) and in my garden. Almost anything was build out of recycled materials, the bordes, my little shed, the veranda. Founded and given materials and bought stuff at fleamarkets and such. I'm especially proud of my shed, which is build out of old fence wood and has a roof with very old, second hand roof tiles
These pictures show you pictures of different states, years and seasons of my garden. I hope you'll enjoy it as much me and my familily do and get some inspiration out of it 

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    Thank you so much for sharing your garden! I enjoyed scrolling through the pictures and seeing your hard work! It is very inviting! I am sure your family will enjoy it for many years to come! Have a beautiful spring and summer!

    Oh wow everything in all of the pictures looks so lovely.

    It seems that I can't put different photocomments at the different Pictures. It only shows the one on the first picture. Someone knows how to fix this? I really would like to clear some things out in this instructable and my other just published photo Ible

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    It seems that it does work in Internet exporer (I use Firefox 4). I will add some comments to the instructable the coming days, I hope it doesn't influence thet contest?