My EXtended Bike!

Introduction: My EXtended Bike!

Hello to whoever is reading this right now!

In this Instructable I will be showing you how to make a very long bike!

[ By the way, the dogs name is Willy. ]

So, I'm not going talk to much about it, but I will tell you some things that you should know.

1: It drives like a bus, so do not drive in tight spaces, it could easily damage something!

2: It falls over somewhat easily, so be careful when you drive it!

3: It would be very easy to put a small engine on the back, so if you end up making this, you

should try putting one on. Also I might make a Instructable about putting one on.

And now I've just spent about ten minutes of my life typing, so lets start building!

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Step 1: Tools You'll Need

since the pictures pretty much tell you what you need, I won't tell you what's in them.

Step 2: More Tools You'll Need

Step 3: More and More Tools You'll Need

Since it's quite a job to take pictures of all the tools and materials, I will both take pictures, and list the non-pictured tools and materials.

Step 4: Oh, Hi Willy.

Step 5: Materials You'll Need

You will need two, three, four, or five bike chains, depending on how long you want your bike.

Step 6: Some More Stuff to Get the Jobe Done

Stuff you'll need that's not pictured:

A junk bike

Two fence posts

Some rebar

Step 7:

From now on, I will be drawing the pictures, because I already built this bike, and I don't want to build another one. They should be self-explanatory, so I won't have to tell you what to do on most of them.

Step 8: Build

Step 9: Build

Step 10: How to Put Two Chains Together

Step 11: Almost Done!

Link as many chains together as you need for your bike.

Then weld supports and back rack on.

Step 12: Done, Phew, That Was a Lot of Work!

we're done, finally! But it was fun, right? I thought so! Sorry if the drawings were a little bad. But if (its a pretty big if) you liked my Instructable, Please Vote For me! And Thanks if you did! Even if there are lots of better Instructables in this contest. Plus, if you have any questions, I'd be happy to help!

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