My Every Day Altoids Tin

About: I'm a 13 year old guy from Center, Texas....

This is just my everyday pocket altoid survival kit. Not really a survival kit, just trying to see if I can make a good instructable,really.

Step 1: Contents

Here's what I have:

-Small Columbia multi tool

-paper for writing on (what else would you do with paper)

-small pencil

-$1 in quarters (who knows what they're for)

-since I'm a guitar player, a couple of picks

-and Chapstick

And it's kept closed by a cheap rubber bracelet used like a rubber band (obviously)



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    3 years ago

    not a bad start. Remember paper burns pretty well too :) Might want to swap out the quarters for a couple bucks as they're lighter and have more buying power. you could also wrap a few feet of tape around your chapstick giving you a handy emergency supply! all in all not too shabby. Keep it up. Cheers!