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Introduction: My Fall Fantasy With Leaf Printing Technique

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Here is my Fall fantasy project - a girl that I illustrated using a leaf printing technique.

This technique is usually recommended for kids but I'm sure adults can use it with pleasure as well. I recommend!


watercolor paper


a paintbrush and a pencil,

fallen leaves.

Here is my quick video tutorial:

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Step 1: Take a Pencil and Draw a Face on a Watercolor Paper

It's not necessary to draw a side view, front view is easier. Eyes are difficult for me that is why I draw them closed.

Even if you can't draw at all, you can copy any image you like using a graphite paper (just rub a soft graphit pencil on the back side of an image you would like to copy).

Step 2: Take Leaves, a Brush, Gouache, Water and Wet Napkins to Clean Your Hands During the Work

Step 3: Add Gouache to the Back Side of a Leaf and Make a Print. Highlight Leaf Shape and Color With a Paintbrush.

A quick advice here - do not add too much water when adding a gouache on a leaf because a print can get smeared-out.

Step 4: Now Add Color to the Face.

I use watercolor pencils but it's your choice. Just colored pencils, gouace, etc. will work absolutely fine.

Step 5: Done!

I hope you enjoyed this project. People from kids to adults can easily cope with it.

Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my youtube channel for more tutorials.

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